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Just a Theory.. Like Gravity

From 2005 – Just after Hurricane Katrina, a great guy named Stephen Schneider appeared on Bill Mayer’s television comedy show, and shared some great jokes with him:

From 2007 – What does it take?
What will be the ‘Rock Hudson got AIDS’ moment?

From 2009 – David Letterman chatted with Dr. James Hansen.

From 2010 – What’s the issue with the theory?

I used to watch David Bellamy as a kid on science shows on television. His TV shows were quite popular and he remains a prominent person as you can see from the reactions of two young New Zealand televisions hosts who spoke with him in 2009. Fortunately, he ended up sitting next to, and speaking with, George Monbiot on this clip from UK prime time television. Monbiot has a degree won in an open scholarship to Oxford University. Despite coming from a clearly conservative background, he writes and speaks clearly and often in defense of all evidence that climate change is real:


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