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The big move to the big city


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Getting serious about the links between TPP and AGW

Reading the first serious assessments of Obama’s climate plan today, and then combining that with an opinion piece from NZ MSM on the importance of the connection between the TPP and AGW (anthropogenic global warming), or “climate change,” I realized something, and figured it was worth dusting off the old blog site.

1.) Our western developed nations Five Eyes countries are on a race to the bottom in terms of taking Our Big Challenge seriously, and Obama’s Grand Plan is just more cynical window dressing, when we all know, as Naomi K and Bill McK and so many others all point out, we really urgently need that world war-style mass mobilization.

2.) Another march in the streets full of the proletariat wringing their hands can simply be easily ignored, again. I support Avaaz and all cooperating groups looking to make it happen, but, the idea of having one as late as the eve of the big meeting in Paris seems so late as to be mildly farcical – although I do understand that the national reps should be arriving into town by then and I do hope it does help to create pressure – but realistically, we need to have won the publicity competition well before going to Paris. The night before just really is too damn late.

3.) Given 1.), what we need everyone to realize they need to demand of their elected representatives, starting right now, is something easy to understand, and very specific, and, it needs to have a proven precedent that cannot be argued away by the Powers That Be Corrupt, ie. we need to find the best example to counteract all their attempts at being the worse; we need to demand a race to the top, and be able to point at it and tell our elected reps.: We are going there, and you are leading us, starting NOW, well before December in Paris, where you will all agree to cooperate on achieving that, starting NOW – NOT in thirty damned year’s time.

4.) According to that opinion piece, Switzerland may provide the ideal such model, and, as James Hansen and so many others have said, we really do need to start with a price on carbon. (Actually, removing all subsidies for livestock agriculture makes as much sense as removing subsidies for fossil fuel companies… and perhaps we should have this point as People’s Demand #2.)… but anyway)… The article to which i refer is this: The TPP and Climate Change

 5.) I hope this article makes very, very clear that waiting until the last minute before Paris talks begin is way too late; our deadline is actually well before the next round of TPP talks which could be any day or week from now, but is not likely to be many months later, and, perhaps our People’s Demand #1 should actually be that climate change is mentioned at the top of EVERY section within the bloody awful secret monstrosity of an “agreement,” in the frightening case of a scenario of it actually being past.

6.) Given this very real and sudden extra pressure on timing, perhaps we should divert a little attention from any later activities, and start suggesting people immediately occupy or phone.. or in more appropriate ways approach all Five Eyes nation’s elected representative and their offices until they sign a declaration that they will

i.) oversee that climate change be acknowledged and the strongest possible provisions to combat it included in every section of the dreaded TPP, in the unfortunate case of the cursed thing not simply being dropped altogether; and,

ii.) take up a cry of following Switzerland’s great example in two ways: negotiate for nothing less than an equivalent of Switzerland’s target national greenhouse gas reduction goals (more is quite acceptable); and, achieve the establishment of a price on carbon matching Switzerland’s (in local currency).

iii.) facilitate the removal of all subsidies for the livestock agriculture, and fossil fuel industry representatives.

These clear, specific goals need to start being actioned well before the end of the current election cycle or term in office of our respective politicians.

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The World Has “Gone to the Birds”… but the birds are leaving


This is a kestrel.

Gerard Hopkins was so impressed by seeing one flying one morning in 1877, he wrote a kind of love poem to and about it. That poem became so famous that it’s now been recited by many people since it was actually published in 1918, even including John-Boy Walton, and Bart Simpson!

The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins

To Christ our Lord
I caught this morning morning’s minion, kingdom
of daylight’s dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in
his riding
Of the rolling level underneath him steady air, and striding
High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing
In his ecstasy! then off, off forth on swing,
As a skate’s heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl
and gliding
Rebuffed the big wind. My heart in hiding
Stirred for a bird, – the achieve of, the mastery of the thing!

Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here
Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion
Times told lovelier, more dangerous, O my chevalier!

Yellow Breasted Bunting

This is a Yellow-Breasted Bunting. It may not be quite so majestic and powerful as the common falcon, but it is quite cute and very colourful, for all that. Perhaps a cross between a mere humble sparrow and a more colourful canary or goldfinch, it is certainly a snappy dresser in its uniform of brown and yellow plumage.

In the last 35 years, its population has declined by about 90%.

The connection between these two birds? Just the ideas that it would have been interesting to have seen what Gerard Manly Hopkins would have written on watching a murmur of Yellow-Brested Buntings flying all together, and then going to roost all together. And it would have been interesting to have read how many of either such bird in the year this poem was written, or published, or even just featured in the Waltons, or the Simpsons…

No wonder of it: shèer plòd makes plough down sillion
Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,
Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold vermilion.

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Peace Poems Busan

Our first event for Peace Poems Busan was held last weekend. It went well!

You can see some images here:



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Congratulations, Gwangju News!

Congratulations, Gwangju News! 150 issues old this month!

You can also find the same articles but with active links, more and bigger pictures, and full versions of text stories, all also beautifully packaged here.


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Hit the Trail – 여행을 떠나요

I’m learning a new song. … Well actually, it’s a new song to me, but it’s pretty old… twenty nine years old. It kind of reminds me of Huey Lewis and the News in that it’s a pretty fun, simple, easy-to-sing-along-with blues rip-off number. And, it’s quite a lot of fun in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which helps to deal with the fairly dated production sound on the original.

작사:하지영 작곡:조용필

푸른 언덕에 배낭을 메고
황금빛 태양 축제를 여는 광야를 향해서
계곡을 향해서
먼동이 트는 이른 아침에
도시의 소음 수많은 사람 빌딩 숲속을
메아리 소리가 들려오는 계곡속의 흐르는
물찾아 그곳으로 여행을 떠나요
메아리 소리가 들려오는 계곡속의 흐르는
물찾아 그곳으로 여행을 떠나요
굽이 또굽이 깊은 산중에
시원한 바람 나를 반기네 하늘을 보며
메아리 소리가 들려오는 계곡속의 흐르는 물찾아
그곳으로 여행을 떠나요

굽이 또굽이 깊은 산중에
시원한 바람 나를 반기네 하늘을 보며
메아리 소리가 들려오는 계곡속의 흐르는
물찾아 그곳으로 여행을 떠나요
여행을 떠나요 즐거운 마음으로 모두함께


 * * * * * * *


Hit the Trail 여행을 떠나요

작사:하지영 작곡:조용필

Verse 1

E        A E B7 E

푸른 언덕에 배낭을 메고 / 황금빛 태양 축제를 여는 광야를 향해서 계곡을 향해서


Verse 2

E   A E B7 E

먼동이 트는 이른 아침에 도시의 소음 수많은 사람 빌딩 숲속을 벗어나봐요



E   A E  B7 E

메아리 소리가 들려오는 계곡속의 흐르는 물찾아 그곳으로 여행을 떠나요 (x2)


Verse 3

E   A E B7 E

굽이 또굽이 깊은 산중에 시원한 바람 나를 반기네 하늘을 보며 노래부르세


Chorus Verse 3 Chorus


Coda (clapping) 여행을 떠나요 즐거운 마음으로 모두함께 떠나요


Hit the Trail 여행을 떠나요

Lyrics Music

작사:하지영 작곡:조용필


Verse 1

On the green hills / carrying a backpack / the yellow-golden sunlight festival is opening/ towards the wilderness, towards the valley

푸른 언덕에   / 배낭을 메고 황금빛 태양 축제를 여는 광야를 향해서        계곡을 향해서


Verse 2

At the break of dawn early in the morning noises of the city / so many people a forest of buildings: let’s get out.

먼동이 트는 이른 아침에 도시의 소음 / 수많은 사람 빌딩 숲속을. 벗어나봐요.



I can hear an echoing sound /  Let’s   travel there / through the valley / to find water flowing  ←-

메아리 소리가 들려오는 /      / 계곡속의 / 흐르는 물찾아 그곳으로  / 여행을 떠나요


Verse 3

Winding, winding on, deep within the mountains /  cool breezes greet me  /  Let’s sing a song looking up at the sky.

굽이 또굽이 깊은 산중에   / 시원한 바람 나를 반기네 / 하늘을 보며 노래부르세.


Chorus – Verse 3 – Chorus




여행을 떠나요 즐거운 마음으로 모두함께 떠나요






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Oh no, not Yahoo! too…

heat #AB21708 copy editors need to be fired, and replaced, immediately. Someone with extremely poor judgement last week saw published a completely ridiculous hack-job piece by cringeworthy member of New Zealand’s most poor unfortunate struggling writers. Granted, the guy has actually published, and has published quite a lot of books and articles I do acknowledge, but how many of them are worthy of the ink, paper, and time taken in bringing them into the light of day or neon is another matter altogether, and doubt is cast quite quickly by this filthy piece, a new low of internationally shameful proportions.

The only positive that can be offered is that the dangerously delusional dolt was courageous enough to offer his own name for the by line. His Wikipedia entry lists his previous occupations as, among other things, mathematician, and clown. While his misguided attempts at finding the positives in the world of hurt currently unleashing itself on the globe simply don’t add up, and while others have managed to find the funny side amid the chaos the western world’s elite are causing in delaying meaningful addressing of the challenge, Ken Ring here offers no useful insight, nor accuracy, nor even the most febrile attempts at humour. proof

Above and below: Meaningful and effective humour,
infinitely more worthy than Ken Ring’s pointless article
published by the increasingly side-lined Yahoo! NZ news.

arctic We can tell his statistics and informative tone are simply useless by his complete lack of reference to any authoritative, peer reviewed studies. Why not even one nod to anyone else’s good work, Ken Ring? We are left to believe it is simply because all ten of the brief paragraphs that should have been entitled: ”Ken Ring’s Ten Most Dishonest, Disingenuous, and Daft Reasons Why Global Catastrophe is a Good Thing” are simply pulled out of his black hole of a feeble imagination.

In a completely cold serving of seemingly ironic karmic revenge, the first of these also recently published ”7 Terrifying Consequences of Climate Change” actually begins with reference to a mathematical study to show the great degree of likelihood that killer heat waves are clearly due to human influence on the atmosphere. It is a great pity that Mr. Ring had had no time to research a little further along his apparently self-declared new area of expertise of the mathematics of climate change. Or should that just be ”expert-tease”?

It is inexcusable in this day and age, while people are still suffering in the Philippines and elsewhere around our global village as a result of catastrophic weather events clearly victims of the ”loaded dice”of global warming, that Yahoo! or any other media corporation should release such irresponsibly inaccurate drivel.  Both the author and the editor responsible need to be held to account and made to explain why they feel it appropriate to publish this erroneous nonsense in lieu of a verifiable news. The editor should also be sacked forthwith, and Ken Ring’s future writings viewed with ever greater servings of skepticism.   sea level rise154344723 copyThis is not to say that there are no good things to come out of global warming. Of course there will be benefits for some few, such as the real estate industry which will have to find and sell vast new tracts of land to resettle enormous percentages of population in very short spaces of time. For others, the pleasures are simpler and easier to appreciate: this 2011 video describes seeing snow in my home town as a ”once in a lifetime experience.” Actually, I remember quite clearly going to school through a thick blanket of snow when I was in primary school, back in the era of car-free days when gas-powered car drivers had to ration out petrol due, apparently, to the oil embargo imposed from the middle eastern nations.

Perhaps it should come as absolutely no surprise that this snowy sign from Mother Nature comes at a time when she is so blatantly being violated by the five ”Five Eyes” nations, who, rather than having achieved anything like their much vaunted and mythological energy independence, are actually desperately seeking to drill for any last residue of oil, fracking local neighbourhoods and their water tables beyond repair, and siphoning off final grease spots from the tar sands among the pristine boreal forests in the north of Turtle Island. Set against a backdrop of such disgusting destruction, Ken Ring’s little attempt at a rear-guard defence of the results of the imperialist English-speaking nations’ efforts may seem relatively inconsequential; however, it is exactly this sort of collusion between the media and the uber-wealthy 1% within our five cultural enclaves that has apparently allowed our governmental representatives to continue permitting and even subsidising the fossil fuel and livestock and dairy industries with any semblance of genuine authority.

The intellectual and moral doubt sewed by official and apparently unofficial PR reps makes it easier for us to ”want to believe” that it is acceptable for us to continue in life and ”business as usual.” Unfortunately, that time ended approximately forty years ago. Even a majority of the US population has finally got the memo that global warming is happening and it’s making a mess of the world we would love now, and would leave for our descendants. It’s about time the editors of Yahoo! start thinking about the world they want to bequeath, and it’s way beyond time Ken Ring went and dug out his face paint and red rubber nose again. That would be a much more honourable way to earn another day through his rapidly heating future.climate_bear

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