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Girls Do Science

I’m really glad to have discovered this TED talk today. This is what I like most about TED; the voices of reason and experience exploding some of the most dangerous societal myths.

A word or phrase in English which I possibly heard in my undergraduate women’s studies papers but was certainly outlined here is “implicit gender bias.” Dr Randy Newman talks about it from 12:30 in the clip below, but, her whole talk is really worth anyone listening to and discussing fully, even in Aotearoa/ New Zealand.

I especially like her conclusion from about the point of 15:30 onward. Indeed, perhaps the greatest benefit of the shared wisdom that is consciously communicated effort of higher education is the conclusions we can learn to draw from experience. Many – I dare say most – women experience similar bias within the varied contexts of their many different lives and cultures each day, yet few can consider and then communicate the full weight of them so eloquently as delivered here by Dr Newman.

With regard to implicit gender bias, does not have an entry on that specific phrase; however, it has links on both implicit stereotypes and also implicit attitude. It’s great to see these and other expressions written out and explained with clear examples so well in English. I really hope someone can translate even just a little of these entries into Korean on wikipedia soon. Our sisters need to learn this stuff. I think maybe it’s missing from the general Korean education syllabus.

The positive side of this last point is that I’m very proud to be teaching “mixed classes” at GIST. In my first class I taught this morning there was an equal number of each. The second class is nearly the same, with five out of eleven students being female. This is immensely encouraging, although given that this is a language class, it’s worth wondering whether the same holds true in all the students’ main subject research labs.


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