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Oh! Music


Some of the group agreed to help out with some music because they wanted to record a fundraiser track to support Sarah Graydon while she was in hospital and in debt; the rest of us agreed. When we heard she liked The Beatles, Katerina suggested this song.

It’s been a lot of fun and great luck to get to play a little music with some great locally based musicians recently during the vacation. Having had a couple of practises and chosen four songs, we decided to try and record them. Fortunately, the Gwangju Community Center let us book a few sessions. Unfortunately, most of us were not very experienced at recording. Fortunately, some friends were able to figure it out. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for the fourth but were very happy to get three “in the can.” Fortunately, we met Paul Mossine. He agreed to film us live as we recorded one song.


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