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Monday, 19th of April – Recycling and regenerating

I just found this really interesting-looking website. I have only looked at a page or to so far, but I think it is potentially useful, at least as a discussion starter.

… I do wonder where this information is from. Where did the writer get their information? Can they verify all the facts listed? How can we know and trust that all the information contained within this website is real and true? Who is in a position to critique this site?

Anyway, it makes for some interesting reading.

I also just found this website with new photos from the volcano in Iceland which is disrupting air-traffic throughout Europe:,lightning


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Monday, 12th of April

My first two classes did very well in their mid-term exam. I was quite impressed, and, as they had mostly prepared properly and studied hard before the exam, we went quite quickly through the list of names in class. This is good and makes me happy, because it means there will be less students to test during the next class, and then I can go away and do other things.

The second two classes today, however, were NOT so good. Both afternoon classes had clearly, mostly not prepared properly. As a result it somewhat slowed down the pace. The students have, however, no excuse, and so if they did not offer an answer immediately, I feel sad for them, but I do not hesitate any more to merely ask the next question. They are just as capable as any other student of sitting down and studying, learning, and passing the exam.

Speaking of feeling sad about students, I just found another commentary just written about last week’s tragedy.

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Sunday, 11th of April

I got caught on my bike by the rain this afternoon! I had to cycle back through town and then go straight to the office to finish preparing the mid-term exam for my credit class students. Fortunately I had some warm dry clothes and even some food in my bag, so I was comfortable and happy working after I arrived, and finished the little I had to do quite quickly.

Then a friend who was also working late gave me a lift home. I left my bike in my office and went home to sleep early-ish, and happy to be ready for another busy week at work!

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Saturday, 10th of April

It was great to get to bed reasonably early last night, and then wake up feeling better this morning. I met my friends and we decided to cycle up Mudeung San. Fortunately, the traffic was fairly light, and so it was quite safe, as the road can be quite narrow around some corners. Car drivers tend to be very careful and considerate going up and down the hill though.

We came back down the hill and had lunch at a new Chinese restaurant owned and operated by a really nice Chinese family down town. I felt much much better in the afternoon. Ah, weekends!

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Thursday, 8th of April

Oh no; oh dear, oh God this is sad.

This really is something I feel very unhappy about. It also explains a lot about why at least one of my classes did not want to speak at all about their MT experience this year. They completely ‘clammed up’.

I am really quite sickened, disgusted and … disheartened by learning about this.

I sincerely hope that this very tragically sick, foul, rotten aspect of this otherwise beautiful national culture changes immediately.

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Tuesday, 6th of April

It was great to get back to the swimming pool again this afternoon after more than a week away.

It always seems strange to me how being so near physical exhaustion can also be so mentally refreshing.

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Monday, 5th of April

All last week I spent all my spare time between classes preparing a test using new software for my credit class students. It is partly for me, so that I have another way of grading them, and it is partly for them, so that they can get more feedback on how their use and understanding of English expressions is progressing.

It is also so that I can start to understand how this software works. So far, it has been very perplexing, confusing, and mildly vexing! I figured out how to write the questions. Now I just have to know how to put the questions from one course into the same field for another course, or, repeat those questions for another set of students. It should be really very easy…

Listen! Can you hear something..?!

Oh – it’s just me – gnashing my teeth!

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