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I haven’t been doing much writing recently; I guess I’ve been too busy focusing on my work and being a good teacher. But recently a friend of mine mentioned how she’d had an exhibit back home in France. She’s really starting to take off as a painter.

I met Valerie back home in Aotearoa, when we were both doing taekwondo at the university club. I thought maybe she’d speak a bit of Korean, but actually, she only speaks fluent French, Spanish, and English! (Haa; that was a bad mono-lingual-Kiwi joke there.)

Anyway, I’m glad the article came out well.

Busan Haps - cover

That “the piece” has come out well is in large part thanks to the guidance of my friend the good editor Bobby McGill. He’s a pretty busy guy these days, holding down his full time teaching job, maintaining his post as editor-in-chief of the good magazine Busan Haps, and now with a new company, Meme Communications Ltd. That’s a great name for a marketing communications company.

You can tell straight away that these are some pretty smart, funny guys who are enjoying working together and making this company happen. Even the name of the group on their bio page is kinda funny: The Meme Team. Haa.

Best of luck to you guys, and to Valerie too!


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