Dear Mum and Adrian,

Today I had to walk to the office and class because of another typhoon. It was raining hard this morning when I left my apartment, so I did not take my bike, although it’s still only about five minutes’ walk.

Typhoon Samba is perhaps the third large storm we have had in the last month or two. This one has passed further away from Gwangju though, and as a result of its more inland path, we have had only a fairly constant wind and an annoyingly ongoing drizzly rain for a few days now.  I am looking forward to cycling to work again soon, and then going for a longer bike ride to explore the countryside after work too. Maybe tomorrow!

In the meantime, I am enjoying the swimming pool. It is very peaceful and quiet, and yet also sociable. In many other pools around Gwangju there are too many people, but I still meet nice people in the GIST pool. Two weeks ago I met a nice Filipino guy named Joey. Yesterday I met one woman from Tanzania and another from Thailand, and there’s the new guy from the Czech Republic. His name is Bohuslav, and he eats in the cafeteria. Sometimes I see Tanya from Russia who swims in the early afternoons, just after lunch. There’s also a tall European or middle-eastern guy who swims in the mid-afternoon. He seems like a very confident swimmer. Finally, my coworker John’s wife and young children swim there at least a couple of afternoons per week, so, the pool is not exactly empty.

As for work this week, I am glad to have now started all my courses. It is a large variety of different papers to be teaching. I have to do a lot of preparation and planning each day for the next day’s lessons. But, the students are varied, and interested, and they are interesting too. I am looking forward to actually talking with them about their lives here at GIST and elsewhere, and not only talking about the business of learning English.

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