My First Favourite Movie: The Sting

When I was about twelve years old my father took me on a special trip to the theatre. The movie was not a new release, but my father seemed excited to go to the theatre anyway. Even though I did not know anything about it, I was curious because he did not usually seem interested in going to see any movies at all, and especially not with me. It was called The Sting, [한국어] and in the end I really enjoyed it. It was a really good movie because of the great acting, the funny dialogue, and most of all, the amazing story line.

Paul Newman takes a bath and has a chat with Robert Redford, on the toilet in the film The Sting (1973).

The main actors were Robert Redford and Paul Newman. They were very famous for being both handsome and talented, so both men and women enjoyed watching them act in movies. Robert Redford acted so well that he was nominated for an Academy Award. Even though I did not always understand what was happening, because of the high quality acting I was always interested in trying to understand what the characters were talking about.

The dialogue was interesting, even though it was about gambling, numbers, and money, and I have never been interested in any of these things. There were many characters and many of them talked to other characters, and they all considered complex situations very carefully. Even though I understood that individual lines and some conversations were funny and made me laugh, I could only start to understand what they were all talking about overall, and could only generally follow who was supposed to be a ‘good guy’ and who was a ‘baddie.’

By the end of the story I was completely confused as to what was going on and who was ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ but I was still really interested in trying to understand what was happening. The main characters seemed almost lost amidst a larger group of others; and then the movie came to the last scene and what I thought was happening turned out to be something completely different again! I was both surprised and delighted, while also being happily confused. My father explained that it was a story with ‘a twist’ in the end, and that is why the movie had the name ‘The Sting,’ like a wasp with a stinger on its tail at its end.

Seeing the movie taught me that it is not always necessary to understand every word that is said in order to still enjoy sharing an experience, and, sometimes understanding every word does not help enough to know what is really going on anyway! Watching The Sting taught me that a story with a surprising twist in the end can be a lot of fun. It also taught me that movies could be really smart, with complex, difficult story lines, and yet still be interesting, and funny enough to make me laugh. Finally, to this day, one of my favourite memories of watching a movie is sharing The Sting with my father.

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