My Weekend

My weekend was very peaceful and relaxing. I had a nice time enjoying doing some work for my job, some study, and a little socializing too.

On Friday night I was cooking a delicious meal and working on the writing class website when suddenly, my phone rang! A friend who had just moved into the neighbourhood called to suggest that we go for a walk. I ate  a quick dinner and went to meet her. We were already walking together when suddenly we realised how very it was cold outside, however, it was also wonderfully peaceful because it was so late at night. It was too cold for most people to want to be outside, so, we enjoyed the almost absolute silence and solitude as we chatted and walked along the old railway walk and cycle route towards Gaelim Dong.

On Saturday I updated our class website some more, studied some more for my post-graduate paper, and cleaned up my apartment during the day, In the evening I went down town to meet a couple of friends for dinner. We went to Jino’s Garden restaurant. It had been some months since I was last there, and I saw that the menu had changed, as had the design of the bathrooms. I was happy to see that both were improved. The risotto was still a small portion but still very delicious and did not need to be any bigger. The salad was a fantastic mixture of fresh garden vegetables, a bit of fresh fruit, and small slices and chunks of really good quality fresh cheeses. Perhaps the most interesting, however, was the pizza. It was made with a whole grain flour thin base, and used a lot of pesto and grated and sliced almond nuts. It also had a bit of mild fresh cheese on it too, but I do not remember which sort. Have you been there? Maybe you recognize the picture and can tell me in the comments below?

Our pesto and almond pizza. What was the white cheese on each slice? I don't remember the name, but I remember the wonderfully subtle, mild blend of flavours.

As we were leaving the restaurant I looked up to see four young expat women. I knew three of them and so greeted them and took a moment to catch up. One of them also enjoys outdoor exercise sports. We had gone cycling together once, and I had learned that even though I enjoyed cycling up hills more than her, she was a much stronger runner than am I. She has actually run a few full-length marathons. I was sorry to learn that she had injured herself, and so would not be able to enjoy participating in the upcoming Seoul marathon.

On Sunday I was doing some more work on my studies and on the class website, when suddenly I realised that it was the anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami, and the nuclear disaster in eastern Japan. A friend on Facebook had posted some news video clips, including an interview with the parents of some young school children. I had many thoughts and feelings about the huge and hugely tragic event, and so I decided to take a couple of hours to write about it.

In conclusion then, my weekend was not exciting, and was not really even very interesting, although I did enjoy discovering the new menu at Jino’s, and meeting friends on Friday and Saturday evening. I did, however, enjoy the quiet and productive time I spent in between catching up with my friends.

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