A New Day, a New Course

Today is Wednesday, and finally, I feel like the new writing courses have begun! Even though the first day of this new semester was officially on Friday, there are two reasons why I feel like this course has only just started four (working) days later.

The first reason is that the first students from each class have made their blogs, and posted their first writings on their blogs too! Congratulations to Kim Jinju (Pearl), and to Kim Kyoungah. Well done, you two! I look forward to reading more of your good writing soon. (And I look forward to reading everyone else’s blog writings, too!)

The second reason is that the first couple of days of class were very messed up, in a couple of unfortunate ways. On Monday, we had the classroom mix-up, with Tuesday’s class in Lab 1 when it should have been in Lab 2. Although it was very nice to meet Lab 2 students, it meant that I spent time with them then instead of (the real) Lab 1 students. Futhermore, when we DID get to meet, we found that the students had been told to use one book, and I had been told to teach another!

Anyway, all those complications have been sorted out now – I hope – and all students have been given the fun-time pretest so I can tell what the class is like. I am really looking forward to reading more good writing by these students.

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