Last Monday the English guitar club started. We met for the first time. There are two times every week, both on Mondays, at 5pm and at 7pm.

I thought the later time would be more popular and only a few people would come, but at 5pm there were six people ready to learn about playing guitar. It was nice to meet them, and the two people who came to the 7pm class as well.

On our first day together in the club we introduced ourselves, and mostly just learned about playing different basic chords. It is really important to have fingers in the right positions when you first start learning to play chords, because it makes playing them much easier later, when you start learning to play different songs. If you learn the wrong way to play a chord, then when you start learning more songs it becomes harder to play those songs easily. I hope the students understand this, and have practised playing chords correctly in preparation for the next Monday’s practise sessions.

Tomorrow, when we meet again, we will practise actually playing more songs. It will be helpful if students have practised, and learned, how to swap between chords more quickly, but, if they have not, then that is okay too. Learning as we go is part of the fun of learning to play guitar.

I am looking forward to seeing what songs the students can pick up tomorrow and in the coming weeks, and which songs they like to sing and play. It should be lots of fun!

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