I don’t usually comment on issues of sexuality in public.


Well, that was a relative statement, of course.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this public opportunity to congratulate Christina Aguilera for finally catching my attention after all these years.

I’ve heard her name bandied about for ages, but if I’ve ever heard any of her songs, or seen her perform, I’ve neither noticed nor remembered. As far as I know she’s just another pre-packaged custom-cut – though apparently capable – singer made for the pop-music industry. But today she made headlines for being what in some narrow-minded idiots’ views is wearing a dress that makes her look ‘fat’.

Bold and beautiful, Christina's confidence and curves are an attractive combination, no matter what the critics say.

This strikes me as inane to the point of being insane (… if you’ll give me the time, and pardon the rhyme).

She’s a wonderfully ‘shapely’ woman, not an anorexic little girl. Celebrate those curves! Love that figure!

There are some very useful words we could use here in English, which do not always translate so directly or accurately from English into Korean.

One of my favourite examples is ‘voluptuous.’ Most English-Korean dictionaries end up just presenting some Korean words which translate back into English as ‘sexy,’ and, okay, voluptuous is partly about being sexy and yes, it is partly about having large breasts, but it is also about much, much more than just these things.

It’s about being physically attractive while having curves elsewhere on the body too. Large, ‘shapely,’ well-toned thighs can be wonderfully attractive. Ms. Aguilera has a great hip-quad-combo going on here. She is a wonderful package including a lot more than just a tightly packed upper-layer. … She puts the ‘up’ back into ‘voluptuous!’

Finally, my favourite phrase in times such as these:
“The more, the merrier!”

NOW i’ll remember the name: Christina Aguilera, the curvalicious diva of shapely, womanly cool!

 * * * * * * *

January 22nd, 2012Extra:

I just found this article online which also links to this article which comments on a what was actually apparently a fairly extensive phone survey conducted on behalf of another men’s magazine that show that a majority of men (in one part of one population, anyway) actually prefer women with a bit more ‘flesh’ on their bones.

And, traditionally, many cultures have celebrated the wonderful shapeliness that comes with being that of a well proportioned woman and not a coat-stand: belly dancers, for example, in their land of origin of the dance, had what your average triathlete might call ‘an extra power-pack.’ So anyway, it’s good to see some more modern-day recognition of this type of beauty, while at the same time remembering, as this astute article points out, that a healthy slim IS also attractive and it’s really not cool to preference one at the cost of the other.

Nina Barkis as Salome, performing in a traditional 'Raqs Sharqi' (or 'belly dance') attire early last century or late in the 19th century.


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  1. #1 by Kim Sung Kyue on November 22, 2011 - 2:14 pm

    Nice to meet you ! Professor Julian. It was really cool and interesting writing! After I read your writing, I look for Christina Aguilera, and she was really voluptous and she’s singing is really powerful. Thank you for your writing.

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