Summer Intensive Writing Course

Today was the last day of a seven-week-long intensive writing course. I only studied with the students for 3.5 weeks, and another teacher (I think it was Matthew Jenkins) worked with them for the first half. The students covered three whole units, about one within each week. That is a lot of pages they read and many exercises that they have written.

On Fridays, we also did a timed writing exercise. Students had 15 minutes to write as much as they could, and then another few minutes afterwards just to read and check their own writing. I think their third writing was much better than their first!

Here below you can read their writing. I am very happy to publish their good work, so everyone can see how well they think, and express themselves using English.

Please leave nice comments for the writers underneath. If you post it, I will publish it (if it’s nice..!)

 * * * * * * *

Summer Vacation Intensive English Course – Writing Class

Summer, 2011 – Matthew Jenkins/ Julian Warmington

Students’ Writing

Name: Lee Ae Young (Helen)

Writing #1, title: A Good Weekend Plan

I usually do several things on weekends such as swimming, playing badminton, hiking, and  watching  good  movies with my family.  Unless there are any events, in the early morning we plan what we’ll do and then we do it.

In addition, we eat out very often, because my kids really like it. Before we go somewhere, I search for good restaurants for kids.

My first daughter is a second grader in the middle school, so she always gets lots of stress from studying. That’s why I always try to reduce her stress, especially on weekends.

After the relaxation of the weekend, my family can start the following weekdays with a feeling of refreshment and pleasure. So good weekend plans are very important for us.

Writing #2, title: My Favorite Pet

I love dogs very much as pets. When I was young, my family kept dogs, so I played with them all the time.

Now I know a lot of things about dogs. They were part of my family.

A dog’s span of life is only about 10 years, so I had to let them go to heaven. Therefore I felt plenty of sorrow as much as I loved them.

Despite of the pain of loss, in the future if I purchase a house with big garden, I’m going to raise another dog anyway.

 * * * * * *

Name : Hee Sun Kim (Amy)

Writing #1, title : My English Experience

My experience with English started when I was very young. As a daughter of a professor teaching English in a university, I had easy access to English. I didn’t know that it would influence my whole life back then! As my mother moved to the States for more studying, I naturally followed her and there’s where I started to dream of being an English teacher.

Actually, if someone asks me ‘why’ I want to be a person in the English educating industry, I don’t have much to say. I just want people to know how I studied (or learned) English and how easy it is for them to do so too.

Usually, the easiest part in English is listening and speaking for me. I am used to listening and speaking in English as I spent a long time doing so. However, the most difficult part in English for me is Grammar. When I solve grammar questions in exams, I usually know the answers but don’t know why it is the answer. Because of that, I  used to have difficulty in the grammar based Korean English exams.

Writing #2, title: Credit Cards

These days, many people use credit cards. It is a very convenient way of paying for goods. But sometimes, because of the convenience, people forget about how dangerous it can be when used without planning.

I’ve seen many people in financial failure because of the abuse of credit cards. There has been news articles about people committing suicide because of their debt with it too.

I don’t have my own credit cards. I know that I am an impulsive person so I try to keep some distance from easily used money. Sometimes I borrow my mothers  to buy things that cost a lot of money, but I usually try to use cash so that I can see how much I am spending in the moment. I am satisfied with my situation for now and I like my spending habits.

Credit cards are a convenient and fast way of paying for things, but it is also a dangerous way of spending all the money you have. Planning before the use of credit cards will help financially.

* * * * * *

Name: Young – sun

Writing #1, title: My  Lovely  Parents

[ * – pending – *]


Writing #2, title: History

My favorite subject in school is history. In fact, I’ve liked history since I was nine years old. To me, it was like reading interesting story books. History gave me advice and time to regret. Whenever I feel lonely, I read history books. Because my mother is an elementary school teacher I have no place to stay, so I have to go to the library at school to wait for her.                                                                                                                                                                                              History is an attractive subject.  As we learn history, we can improve our viewpoint.

* * * * * *

Name: Sah Oh

Writing #1, title: Why am I Studying English?

             Why am I studying English? Because I love English! Actually, I love movies. There are lots of movies are shot in western countries, so a lot of characters speak English in these movies. Sometimes the translations of these movies are pretty perfect, but sometimes very bad. These are many examples of mis-translations or bad translations because the translators were ignorant of the cultural differences between languages, so I decided to learn English since I have seen a wonderful movie with those terrible subtitles.
             The second reason for studying English is I want to travel over the world. I want to see different people and feel different cultures. If I can speak English very well I will be able to communicate easily with others. Well,you may say that there are still lots of people can’t speak English in the world. It doesn’t matter, I believe more and more people are studying English now, when I can speak English fluently, they can, too. So when I have saved enough money in the future, after I have studied English overseas some more, I believe everyone will be able to communicate easily with me.

Writing #2, title: A Special Classmate

              Young was one of my classmates. She was the most special classmate I ever had.
              Although she is already 62 years old, she looks active. After she was fired from her job she started to travel by herself. She said “I must study English hard and keep healthy, because there are still lots of places I haven’t been to.” It really shocked me. My grandparents never go out of our province, sometimes they go to the temple, but usually they stay at home and enjoy the leisure life. So Young’s life is a very different life for me. I never thought life could be that kind of style, no marriage, no kids, just enjoying the whole life.
             Young will not come to class any more after last week. They said she had a vacation. I thought she might continue travelling over the world. She was the most special person I have ever seen. I thought I would remember her for a long time. She had short hair and she had plenty of body language, she liked to wear colourful clothes……
             I hope one day I will enjoy my life totally like her.

* * * * * *

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