New News, Old News

Every night I like to spend a little bit of time reading the news from back in my original home land of Aotearoa/ New Zealand, and from around the world. Tonight, I learned a couple of interesting things, one of which was ‘news’ to me, and the other which did not surprise me at all. The first was that today was International Smoke-free Day, also known as World No Tobacco Day. The second thing was that regularly speaking a second language  is extremely good exercise for our brains.

Hmm… I wonder if this means that people who speak a second language are less likely to smoke? I would like to do a survey of people on this point.

Until then, however, I wonder how long it would take for this important day to ‘catch on’ as part of the anti-smoking movement in South Korea. Perhaps it could take another couple of years, or maybe it would take up to a decade. I have always been impressed, however, at how Korean people work together and can achieve enormous social change in a dramatically short time, when it is agreed upon and decreed to be in the best interests of society.

Considering the dangers of second hand smoke, and the negative influence of older people smoking in public in front of younger people, then it is about time that older generations started stopping smoking in public, and helped younger people to quit.

I really look forward to the day when I can cycle and walk around town and not have to smelly the stink of cancer breath all around me, and not feel sorry for all the young people already hooked on this dangerous, dirty, and deadly, destructive drug.

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