Meeting Rosa Parks

Monday, the 4th of April

Meeting Rosa Parks

One person who has died already but whom I would like to meet and chat with is Rosa Parks. There are three reasons why I would like to meet face to face with her and share a conversation.

First of all, I would like to share a bus ride with her. I think her bus ride on December the 1st, 1955, was very special. It would be nice to sit next to her and share a bus ride with her and talk about her life as she was growing up.

Rosa Parks and President Bill Clinton, 1996.


Secondly, I would like to talk with her about her life in the later 1950s and during the 1960s. Those were very interesting times in the USA, with many big changes throughout society. Although I am sure not every day was interesting for everyone, it must have been amazing to watch the changes in society and culture that she had helped to create because of her special bus ride. It would be great to talk with her about the people she met, like Martin Luther King, Junior. He was very important, because he helped many people in the USA to understand why her sitting on the bus was important for them, and for freedom in the USA.

Finally, I would really like to meet Rosa Parks because I would like to thank her for being such an inspiration to so many people throughout the world who have continued to follow her example of non-violent direct action. Many other social issues and problems in society have been dealt with by people following her example, and because of that, most people in the western world outside the USA also enjoy a lot more freedom today.

In conclusion, there are many people throughout the world who have done great things. Some of those people set out to do great things, like Sir Edmond Hillary when he climbed up Mount Everest, but some people did not intend to do great things, like when Rosa Parks sat down on her bus. While Sir Edmund Hillary certainly inspired many people to take on great challenges and believe that they could achieve them, not many people have also inspired so many others simply by their attitude when going home after another normal day in their job at work. That is why I think Rosa Parks was a special person with whom I would like to share a cup of tea and a quiet conversation.

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We can read a lot more about Rosa Parks here, and we can read a little bit about her in Korean here, and we can watch a brief documentary on her here.

Rosa Parks being arrested on December the 1st, 1955. Why? Because she was sitting in a seat on a bus.



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