Lands I Would Like to Visit

I like travelling and exploring new places. There are some countries I have been to, and I have really enjoyed learning about those cultures and seeing what it is like in those lands. I have especially enjoyed eating the food special to the people of those places, and also listening to the different music of those cultures. There are three places I have not been to yet, however, in which I am especially looking forward to visiting: Jamaica, Switzerland, and Egypt.

The country I most want to visit first is Jamaica, because I would like to listen to local music known as ‘reggae’, and also eat the local food. I think the food there would include a lot of tropical fruit, and also coconuts would be very plentiful and healthy. There are many countries with beautiful beaches and seafood, and Jamaica is also one of them. I think Jamaica would be a lot of fun but also a very relaxing place to visit.

The very famous singer/songwriter/guitarist Bob Marley was from Jamaica, and reggae music is very fun, relaxing, and cheerful.

I would also really like to visit Switzerland, because it has many aspects to the country which I think I would enjoy. Perhaps the two best things which I would like to experience there include skiing, and eating chocolate! One of my favourite brands of chocolate is from Switzerland, and is called ‘Claro‘. It is one of the first fully certified organic and also certified fair trade chocolate companies in the world. Oh, and, it tastes delicious! I would also like to visit a country with a small population (like Aotearoa – New Zealand) but which also has a small area of land (like South Korea) but where most people speak many languages (like many people in most countries in Africa). I think it would be very interesting to see how people relate to each other, when they have to use different languages to communicate in daily life.

Finally, one day I would like to visit Egypt. This ancient land is very interesting for many reasons. Perhaps similarly to Switzerland, it is situated in a geographically interesting location, and so it has gained influence from many mixtures of cultures as people from different lands have travelled through. I am of course interested in eating the local foods, and listening to the music. Like most people I am intrigued by the ancient history and would like to see the pyramids and other historical artifacts. But I am also very curious about modern life there, and especially the recent political changes which have taken place. I think it would be very interesting to chat with local people like taxi drivers, and coffee shop owners and customers about life there recently, and in the past.

Travelling is always interesting, but not just for the food and music, and for taking pictures of mountains and trees. In every place I visit, I am really looking forward to meeting people of many different ages, and talking with them about their lives there. I expect that it will be difficult sometimes to understand some differences in cultures, but, I also think that it will almost always be very interesting, and so I hope I am lucky enough to be able to travel to these lands one day soon.


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