Homework – This Weekend

Homework for all Amazing and Astounding Students This Weekend:

1.) Finish writing ‘by hand’ (with your pencil or pen) your piece of writing about the three countries you would most like to visit which you have not been to yet.

2.) Type that writing, and post it to your blog. Read it again yourself. Can you improve it? Please change it and update it immediately, if you can! (Please read the checklist below.)

3.) Ask someone in your class to be your ‘peer editor’ (or classmate writing checker).

4.) Read each others’ writing, and check for mistakes.

5.) Write and post a ‘positive feedback’ comment to that friend’s blog.


* The Proofreading Checklist: *

i – Is the first word in the title capitalized? Are all the big words in the title capitalized?

ii – Make sure your title does NOT have a period.

iii – Include the date of the day in which you STARTED that writing (which is also the date when you should have published that writing to your blog – NOT the date when you actually published that writing to your blog).

iv – Check all sentences start with a capital letter, and also all people, and so also should all important or unique (or special) places (for example Chosun University has a capital ‘C’ and ‘U’, but ‘the beach’ does not).

NOTE: All other words should probably not start with a capital letter.

v – All sentences should finish with a period (or ‘full-stop’).

vi – All sentences should have a verb. (Watch out for ‘fragments’!) Are all your verbs the correct tense (past, present, or future)?

vii – Most sentences start straight after the previous sentence finishes. They are in groups called paragraphs. What is a good ‘topic sentence’ (or introduction sentence) for that paragraph? What is a good ‘concluding sentence’ for that paragraph? (Think of the ‘bread on top and underneath the sandwich!)

vii – Please check all your spelling with your own dictionary. You can also ‘double check’ using the ‘spell-check’ function here on your WordPress.com blog.


How to Use the Spell-check Function on Your WordPress.com Blog

1.) Log in.

2.) Go to your ‘dashboard’.

3.) Choose an old post to update, OR choose a ‘new post’ to write.

4.) Just above the ‘text box’ look for the small icon (or small square picture) of the green ‘check mark’ with ‘ABC’ written above it. It is third from the right, in the middle. Click on it.

5.) Carefully read all the suggestions it makes. It will make suggestions for you by underlining words the computer thinks might be wrong. To check its suggestions for correct spelling, ‘hover’ your mouse pointer (or arrow) icon over the underlined word, and then use the ‘right click’ button (or, click the button on the front right of your mouse, if you do not use an Apple computer).

6.) Choose the best suggestion highlighted, and select that. The computer should change the word automatically for you.

7.) Read the sentence again just to double check.

That’s it for now. Finished? Well done!

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