Looking Forward to the Weekend

This weekend I am looking forward to studying, eating, planning, and running.

I have pretty much finished moving all my files and books from my old office into my small ‘bed-sit’ or ‘studio apartment’ (or in Konglish, a ‘one-room’). All my books on my book shelves do need to be sorted into alphabetical order, but that should not take too long to do this afternoon.  Then, I will feel much happier about sitting down to read at least one book a day (but only the important parts!) and making notes on those books, and then writing those notes into my three big essays. Each essay needs to be about 10,000 words long, so, I will need to ‘refer’ to many good books and academic journal articles.

This evening I am going to share dinner with an old colleague and friend. We will eat at one of the good western food restaurants down town. Then tomorrow I will share dinner with a new friend, but we will go to one of the more traditional Korean food restaurants for grilled fish, or maybe for grilled shell-fish. Eating at Korean restaurants is one of the things I enjoy most about living in Korea. It is a fantastic and wonderfully sociable aspect of culture, and something about which I think all Koreans can be very proud and happy.

This weekend I am also looking forward to planning more for a course I have to teach soon. I have already created a list of the basic topics and subjects and materials to be covered, and a website to bring them all together. I need to make a power point presentation though to present them all at the same time, and also a fun pre-test quiz including the language and vocabulary which I will use and which is probably new to most of the students, and also, I am looking forward to practising some songs with my guitar which we will sing in class.

Finally, I am looking forward to going running on Sunday. I really hope the weather is good and the sky is clear of yellow dust. Whatever the case with the weather though, it will be nice to meet up with some other runners and share the fun event from the Gwangju World Cup Stadium.

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