Sociable Saturday, Solitude Sunday

My weekend was a time of opposites. Saturday night was a very sociable time for me, but Sunday was very quiet, and was a peaceful time of solitude.

On Saturday during the day I wanted to go jogging or cycling. When I opened the curtains and window and looked outside into the fresh morning air I was quite disappointed; the sky was hanging low and dull grey on the hills around the city, and the air did not smell fresh at all. I checked online [here and here] and sure enough it was the first major day of ‘hwang sah’ or yellow dust. It is not healthy, and so definitely not good for exercising. I stayed inside and did some reading, washing and cleaning until it was time to go and meet some friends down town.

My friend and ex-colleague’s ‘event’ was fun! We met at a coffee shop/bar down town on ‘Art Street’ and sat around chatting and mingling. At 9pm some people left, and some of us went on in a group to another restaurant/cafe. On the way to the restaurant we passed by the bar and I picked up a specially made old-style felt Irish ‘leprechaun‘ hat. Another colleague’s wife had made a lot of them for a fundraiser effort for the local orphanage.

Outside 'Speakeasy,' down town Gwangju. Thanks for the photo to Debra M. Josephson.

My hat was very wide and extremely tall and brilliantly green. Many of the young teenagers walking around town looked surprised when they saw it, and when we arrived at the restaurant the younger waiter wanted to borrow it and try it on. I gave it to him, and he took it to show off to the waitress and insist she try it on too. They laughed at each other and themselves in the absurdly tall hat, and then he brought it back to me. In the group I was with, some people ordered food, others a drink, and we all sat around chatting. It was a really nice sociable event.

At 'Bottle Bistro'. Photo thanks to Debra M Josephson. (That's her, on the right!)

After we split up I went to the Irish bar and shared some time with some other coworkers and friends, but the air was very smokey and the music was really loud. I do actually enjoy loud music, but I do not enjoy shouting above it and the cigarette smoke is a big turn off, so after some time I left and went home.

Sunday was another fairly drab day in the morning when it actually rained for a while. Some blue sky and sunshine appeared in the afternoon, but by then I was busy cleaning my bicycle and doing more laundry, and cooking while listening to music or the news on Al Jazeera live internet stream. It was a good day for being quiet and catching up on time alone again.

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