Preparing for the Weekend

Thursday, 17th of March

It’s another Thursday, which means that tomorrow is Friday. Usually I would feel very happy because I only have one class on Fridays, and I even learned that the class has to go on ‘M.T.’ (“Membership Training”) tomorrow so the session is cancelled. I was really looking forward to starting the weekend early, but then a friend and new colleague asked me to teach a couple of classes because they can’t make it, so I will have to come to school anyway, and it will be for two sessions instead of just one! Oh well; I am sure they will be good students, and it will be no trouble at all.

The weekend is further away, but that just means that I will enjoy it all the more when it arrives. In particular I am looking forward to meeting an old friend and ex-colleague at an event she is organizing for writers and artists in town on Saturday night, and then dropping by the main foreigner’s bar in town. It is owned by a colleague who is from Ireland, and as it is Saint Patrick’s Day today I think I should stop by and buy an Irish hat for a charity fundraiser for the local orphanage, and a pint of either Guiness or Kilkenny, just to join in a bit of fun for a brief time.

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