Homework – Updating Your Blog Posts

This is a special post just for all the amazing and astounding writing students in my morning classes.

Your homework today is NOT to write another blog post.

Rather, instead, your homework for today is to go back to your blog, and check all  three pieces of your own writing.

(You should, by now, have finished typing and posting two diary entries from last week, and one from Monday of this week.)

* * * * * * *

When you have all three of your diary blog entries posted to your blog, you will need to follow this process:

1.) Log in to your blog, and enter your ‘Dashboard’ (or ‘home’) page.

2.) Click on the third icon down, named ‘Posts’.

When the pop-up menu appears, do NOT click on the second option, but rather, DO click on the first option, simply named ‘Posts’.

3.) Click on the title of one of your previous posts. Wait a couple of seconds.

It should then appear just as you left it after you first finished typing or pasting it the first time.

4.) Read your text again, check for the following, and change as necessary:

– capital letters and lower case letters

– punctuation (periods/ full-stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, etc.)

– full sentences, and fragments [Just like we studied in class: Does every sentence have a subject?]

– verbs [are they the correct tense/ form? eg. “Yesterday I went … “]

– nouns and articles [eg. an apple, a banana, some apples, many bananas…]

5.) When you have finished checking and changing your post, please click on the blue tab with the white lettered writing on the right-hand side of your page, which now says ‘Update’.

6.) Go back to your Dashboard (the first icon on the top left-hand side) and click on another post.

Update it in exactly the same way.

7.) Repeat this process for all of your blog posts.

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