How to Add a Post to Your WordPress Blog

Here are some basic instructions for how to ‘post’ a ‘posting’ on your blog, or,

for how to put your typed writing into your blog, so that everyone can read it.


This might look like a lot of writing in English, but actually, the method is very easy!

* You CAN do it!

1.) Log in to your blog (or register your own blog site, in Korean language or English).

2.) After you ‘log in’ you will see a column of ‘icons’ or small pictures on the left-hand side of the window. The top one is of a house (or ‘home’). This is also called the ‘dashboard’.

The third icon down is a picture of a ‘drawing pin’ (or ‘pin’ in Konglish).

Hover your mouse’s arrow over this icon. A ‘pop-up’ menu will appear. The title for this menu is ‘Posts’.

Click on the second option, which says ‘Add New’.

3.) Enter the title of your writing.

[Remember how to write titles in good English!

We studied this for homework and in class yesterday and today!]

In the main box, you can either type your writing, or ‘cut and paste,’ or ‘copy and paste’ [‘boksah‘ in Korean] from another file, such as MS Word, or hw.2007.

4.) On the right-hand side of the window, you can see a box with black lettered writing saying ‘Publish’.

In that box you can choose ‘Save Draft’, or ‘Preview’ (if you want to see what your page will look like), or, if you like your writing as it is, click on the blue tab with the white lettered writing which says ‘Publish’.

Then, wait for a few seconds!

NOTE: If you have already clicked on ‘Publish,’ and then seen something you want to change, you can go back to that page, and then update (or change) your writing, and then the blue ‘Publish’ tab will have changed to ‘Update’.

Click on ‘Update’ when you want to make your changes.

5.) When your computer has finished loading the new page (after a few seconds) you can click again on ‘Preview’ or, click on the title of your blog at the top of your window to see what your page looks like to other readers out there in the world wide web!

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