Amazing and Astounding Students

These days, from Monday to Thursday, I get out of my nice, warm, soft, cozy, comfortable bed at a grossly uncivilized hour of the morning, jump on my bicycle, and peddle to the brand new university dormitory to meet two groups of very nice students, and their other teacher, Jon, from the UK. Jon Teacher teaches listening and speaking to the one class while I work with the other students on writing.

Even though the students only have to come down stairs from their rooms, they do, on the other hand, also have to start making their ears, tongues and brains work in English right away and for nearly two hours. Generally, most students do really well in only speaking English to each other and their teachers. I know that they will only get better as the semester continues.

I really look forward to seeing how much these amazing students have improved their English given another couple of quick months.

Here is the first class of amazing students I get to teach:

From the left their names are: Eun Ju, Yong Suk, Song Hwa, Euna, Da Hee, and Yoo Bin.

After the first class session Jon and I get to swap classes, and so, here is another class of astounding English language students:

The lad in the orange hoodie is Yoh Han, and next to him is Eun Taek, and then there’s Won JunShan, and Shane, and then that’s Ji Yong in the brown jacket on the right.

I am sure you can clearly see how even ridiculously early in the morning they do all look amazingly, astoundingly intelligent, don’t they?! You can also see how shockingly good their English is by reading their great blogs, listed on the right of the monitor there.

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