My Weekend

Last weekend was the first weekend of the new semester, so, I had met all of my regular weekly class students during the week, and, I was very happy. All of my classes seem to be full of very interested and interesting, motivated and polite students… even in the earliest early morning class. Wow, I am a lucky teacher.

My weekend started on Friday night, and I was very happy to share dinner with a couple of new friends and coworkers. Jonty is from the UK and has lived here in Gwangju for a couple of years now. We met and walked into town to visit Mike Simning’s nice restaurant called ‘First Alleyway‘. We saw Danny the great chef and his wonderful team in the kitchen, and they made me a salad, and a fallafel pita. I really enjoyed eating them a lot.

Jonty and I saw many people whom we had met around town over the previous couple of years. The restaurant and bar upstairs were very crowded about the time we arrived. It was noisy, but relaxed and fun! Soon Jessica C. turned up and ate with us, and then they went on to meet some more friends, and I walked home through the chill night air.

I felt so good at the end of this week, and the sunshine was so lovely, that I dug up my old running shoes out of the closet and went jogging again. I was fairly well pooped and out of breath after about an hour, but that is still longer than I have run on the treadmill at the gym recently. Then, on Sunday afternoon I ran even further. It might not have been very fast, but I am glad I enjoyed running so much that I felt comfortable with the timing. It was another lovely day, with the afternoon sun making everything look tinged with gold. There is still a chill in the air, but if your heart is beating fast enough the air just keeps you feeling fresh!

I’m looking forward to even better weather throughout spring, to running and discovering more of the local neighbourhoods, and to spending more time getting to know new and old friends better.

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