Strange Times

Some speak of end times. I find it difficult to take much of the bible literally, and anyway, for those who want to, we also need to keep in mind the biblical warning to ignore false prophets who claim to know the time and day of such events foretold.

I am, however, looking forward to understanding the coincidence of these news stories, related by both type of incident, and also remarkable proximity in time, if not in space.

From Aotearoa – New Zealand, where hundreds of snapper (fish) have been found dead, washed up on a beach.

From Arkansas, in the United States, where about 5000 red-winged black birds were found dead.

From Louisiana, in the United States, five hundred birds found dead, again mostly including red-winged black birds.

A good summary of these and yet other events from around the world, including reactions to the strange deaths, is available here.

Update, 6/1/2011: the mysterious mass deaths of wildlife continue, particularly in the USA, with ‘two million fish found dead.’


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