Thursday, 25th of Movember – The moustache movement

Movember is about much more than just the wonderful opportunity to provoke expressions of disconcerted confusion and anxiety from my assistant director.

This year, it is about even more than the same annual, regular worthy cause.

Usually, Movember is about the very manly exercise of raising … issues. Typically, Movember involves the cause of fund raising and awareness raising, generally on “men’s health issues,” most commonly and more specifically focused on prostate cancer [전립선암].

At the behest and cajoling of one of my favourite Canadian buddies, Mike F., I joined his moustache growing ‘team‘ (so to speak [*cough*]). If you would like to rate my effort and/or want to support the cause, you can do so here, with my great thanks.

This year also presents an extra reason for subjecting myself to the looks of consternation and bemusement of my students. Another Canadian chap I’ve had the fortune to meet is also named Mike, but this fair bloke found himself with leukemia earlier in the year. Some good lads in the office suggested the exercise named “Mousers for Mike” and so a local variety of the hirsute pursuit began.

Michael Simning

I am very glad to read that Mike S. has been responding well so far to some serious doses of treatment and also appears to have found a bone marrow donor. I wish him only the best of luck and the quickest of speedy recoveries. If you are also based in Gwangju and would like to contribute to a fund for his sake, there is a mustached piggy bank in the office where I work, and another at The Underground Grocer’s shop down town. Please contact me if you would like directions to either place, or alternatively, you can find more information on how to help out here.

If you are not in a position to contribute to either cause financially, you could still have some serious fun supporting the moustache movement. Paste or draw your favourite style moustache on your profile picture or on yourself, and when people ask you why, please tell them: “Prostate cancer is the western world’s most common form of cancer not caused directly by cigarette smoking.”

We did it!


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