Wednesday, 17th of November – What’s going on?

I’ve lived here in Gwangju for a few years now. I came here for the food, and stayed for the food and everything else, too. Amongst those other things is the ease of travel around and across town by bicycle, the interesting array of characters – both local and expats – one can meet around the place, the Gwangju International Center, my job is mostly okay, the weather is mercifully warmer than Seoul in winter, and again because of the compact size of the city you are never far from the country-side here.

The one thing it has been very hard to find here over the years is a reliable and useful source of information on up-coming cultural activities, for example plays or musical concerts of any sort. They happen, and actually fairly regularly, but getting a regularly updated English language source of that information has been like hunting for hens teeth at an orthodontist’s surgery.

I am, therefore, very happy to have discovered via a friend of mine just tonight, that the creators of a new blog have set up an English language service providing details of where, when, and what cultural events are taking place over the course of the next couple of months. This is a fantastic service, and I hope the English speaking ‘community’ (including expats and Koreans) will take advantage of it, and thereby also support the musicians and actors from around town and visiting on the occasion of their performances.

The page is on a blog called ‘The Social Discourse of Disquiet‘ with an address somewhat paying tribute to GIC, as it is entitled ‘GIC Journal.’ It includes reviews of cultural events, particularly with a focus on the arts, and especially ‘fine arts’. I am very glad to see performance arts included too.

One of the other areas of modern culture to be celebrated and supported is that of movies, and Gwangju is also the site of a new women’s film festival. Starting this weekend, the series of movies is being labelled as the ‘First,’ so, if enough people attend the screenings, hopefully it will be staged again next year. And if there is any country in the ‘newly developed’ world that needs a women’s film festival, I would say Korea is one of the top places in the world for it.

* Thanks to ‘Korea Maria‘ for the links and information! *

* Read about the festival in Korean here. *

* * * * * * *

Update #1 c.19th November, 2010:

TEDtalks on women around the world.

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