Sunday, 12th of September – Early in the semester, late at night

Oh my goodness; it’s nearly the middle of September already. How did that happen?!

This week was the second week of classes. The credit classes have taken off pretty well. All seem to be fairly motivated and interested. For example, most students have the book already, and typically all bring pens and paper to class. I think I’ve only seen one student who was not adequately prepared, and he was new. He’ll have to learn more quickly than that!

I have to say I feel mildly miffed that one student has moved out of the essay writing class already. It is quite disruptive to the students and to myself in trying to accommodate someone’s unique learning needs, and then to have them suddenly vanish without any input or feedback leaves me feeling quite lost. Teachers are only human; we’re neither magicians nor mind-readers, and I am one teacher who tries to work with all students, and enjoys the challenge of finding what works in different situations, and for different individuals. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth that I won’t get to see the work of the last two weeks bare any fruit.

On the other hand, it does mean I can return to focusing on the other students in the class with a greater sense of focus. They both seem more motivated and already capable.

Anyway, after a deliciously rainy and therefore sleepy-time Saturday, today was a brilliantly autumnal Sunday. It was so perfect I almost jumped out of bed, spent far too long cleaning my kitchen, and then raced out of the house on my bicycle looking for a swimming pool. I knew my favourite was shut, and anyway it’s too far away, so I went to my second favourite pool. It was overcrowded, so, I went to another pool nearby which I knew is open during lunch time, which by this stage it soon would be, before I would want to finish my swim. That pool, however, was closed because it was the second Sunday of the month. (This reminds me of the expression: ‘You learn something new every day.’) So, I cycled back across town to what is probably the closest pool to my place anyway. It is not my favourite pool, but it is still quite good. I was scared that it would be overcrowded as it was the last time I looked in there, but actually it was not bad. I thought this was because it was nearly lunchtime and all the kids and adults had gone home for food, but actually the pool stayed nicely and sparsely populated for the whole time I was there. I had a great swim, and then went downstairs for a nice ‘ahl bap’ (fish eggs and vegetables on rice in a hot stone bowl) for lunch. I was on my own, but I received a lot of text messages from a friend during the time, so it felt like I was chatting with her over lunch. That was nice.

After lunch I went for a bike ride. I found that the road most of the way to Tamyang is almost exactly 2o kilometers. I turned around just in front of the Hayundai car yard of some sort, and so did another 20 kilometers home again. I found it was an excellent route for practising for the 40 kilometer course in an Olympic length triathlon.

After the ride I came home and drank a power smoothie I had already made, and then went to meet the running club. I really should have been studying, but the weather was so perfect, and the timing turned out to be so good that it just seemed the obvious thing to do. We ran along the river the whole way. It was almost unusual to me to do a completely flat course, but it was actually really lovely to not see any cars, but rather to just hear the sound of the water and see it flowing strongly past after the previous day’s rain.

I was very sleepy at 10 o’clock, and should have let myself go straight to sleep, but no, I fairly foolishly thought I should do some work first, and now I am perhaps a bit ‘over-tired,’ and, even worse, I am hungry again! I should go and eat some more brown rice, and drink some soy-milk. Milk and nuts often puts me to sleep.

Good night!

  1. #1 by beetchyweetchy on September 14, 2010 - 10:19 pm

    hey hey didnt know abt this blog ;p

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