Friday, 3rd of September – A busy Friday coffee buzz

This afternoon I taught my second class of the semester to a room-full of students from two different majors: German education and music education students. They all seem to be fairly confident in their English ability already, but I was also very well prepared with the follow-up material for this second class session with them, and so it worked really well. I spent more time at work last night preparing worksheets just the way I wanted them, and it’s the second semester I’ve used them, and so after the fine-tuning last night, the class ran a lot more smoothly, and, it was more directly and obviously based on the pre-test I gave them two days before. Hopefully, they understood and appreciated the correct answer examples they were expected to practise with each other from these new papers.

During the final essay writing class for the week we started to look at proof reading, including checking our own writing for common errors, and using MS Word for some hints on what errors we might have made. I gave students’ essays a quick reading and we identified the more common errors. While I was reading their papers, the students made some coffee for us to share using my process essay as a guide.

The coffee was so delicious I ended up drinking two cups, which was good because I had to go out for a birthday party dinner straight after class even though I was really tired, so the coffee kept me awake and switched on throughout the night… Unfortunately, it also kept me awake when I tried to go to sleep. I ended up not sleeping until very late on Friday night!

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