Thursday, 2nd of September – A long day for hairy legs

Wow, today was a long day!

I woke up at 6.30 and wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t, so I got up and had some breakfast and then went for a bike ride.

I had not been for a real bike ride for a long time – at least a couple of months – and by ‘real bike ride’ I mean a long distance, non-stop. I have cycled across town, to the Yeomju Swimming Pool, but this morning I cycled 40 kilometers with NO stopping for any annoying traffic lights. … It was fantastic!

… But after having sat down to eat lunch with my friend in the university cafeteria, and then after having gotten up to walk back up the hill to work again, my legs were so tired they didn’t want to walk just from the table to the door!

Fortunately, my classes this afternoon were all really good, and then I had some spare time when I actually walked to the post office on the other side of campus, and then walked home to Jisan Dong to see if I could phone my mother in New Zealand on my home computer. She was not there though, so I took my bicycle again and cycled back to work for the essay writing class.

Tonight I cooked a big delicious meal of brown rice, black rice, mushrooms and spicy cabbage, and ‘chick-peas’, or what we call in Konglish ‘Egyptian beans’. It is very delicious. Actually, it is so yummy I just had some more before I go to sleep.

As I started to eat my rice I read an interesting article on a website. It was about bottled water, and I think it was very interesting. What do you think?


I was just about to switch off and go to sleep when I saw this article about a SECOND oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico which has exploded. Apparently it is just west of the BP oil rig which has only just started to be controlled and cleared up after leaking a disastrous amount of oil into the local environment. I wonder how bad this new mess will be…

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