Wednesday, 1st of September – Starting a semester

Yikes – it’s September already! How did that happen?!

Well, it’s the third day of the essay writing course today, and I am very glad to say that all students have their own blogs registered and ready and linked to the class website. Now I am looking forward to reading as many diary-type entries or ‘posts’ as the good students can write.

I find reading diaries a great way to get to know someone, just like writing a diary is a good way to reflect on my day, on my moods, my thoughts and feelings.

And of course, it’s also just a really good way to keep track of all the strange little things that happen in life. For one example, right now, we are going through a really strangely terrible bout of weather. I just checked the weather report online, and thunder storms and rain is forecast for the next week, for every day. This is, however, exactly how the weather has already been for the last two weeks or so. What is going on here? Rainy season is supposed to be at the start of summer, not at the end of it! Furthermore, even with all this rain the temperature is still about 30 degrees centigrade. It is hot and really humid.

Oh well; it is good sweating weather, that is for sure! There was a break in the rain yesterday just before I had to go to work, so I pulled on my running shoes and went and explored the next neighbourhood or suburb over from where I live. I had a great run, and obviously got ‘some sun’ as a coworker asked me why I looked tanned today.

I met some of my new credit class students for the first time today. They all seem pretty good, mostly, and I think it will be a good semester working with them. It also seems that there are usually about two students with a blood type of B- in each class of about 20 to 30 students, so, it should be possible to find more people who can help out Michael Simning. The poor guy just found out that he has leukemia last Friday, so he needs a lot of blood, but B- is very rare in this country. I hope he will be okay and make a full recovery, soon.

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