Tuesday, 31st of August – Mushroom madness

I love mushrooms. They are very delicious fried or grilled and eaten on good toast.

I love mushrooms not just because they are really delicious, and not just because they are a great source of protein which is especially important if you like exercise and do not like to eat meat. I also like mushrooms because they remind me of my father’s grandmother, who died when I was in primary school (or elementary school to those North American-type people). I would get home from school and my mother would be busy looking after my younger sisters or baby brother. She would tell me to go down stairs to say hello to ‘Nom.’ I would semi-reluctantly take myself down stairs. She was not very chatty, but she often had large blocks of family-sized chocolate just lying around the apartment, and sometimes, in winter, she would slice up some mushrooms and fry them in butter and we would eat fried mushrooms on toast for afternoon tea.

Do you like mushrooms? Do you REALLY like mushrooms? Do you like mushrooms enough to die for them..?!  Eighteen mushroom hunters have died in Italy recently just because they wanted to find mushrooms too much, so, if you like mushrooms, please remember to share them, and don’t die for them!

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