Coming up in 2010 – September onwards

Here are some topical ideas for writing about in your class work. Can you think of any others? Are there any here that you are interested in writing about?

These are only initial links. You can find many more links to websites on these and other current events topics this month and coming up, if you want to find other background information or ideas.

* * * * * * *

– Environmental Conferences – upcoming events

– 7th to the 9th of September – Asia Culture Forum, Gwangju

– 10th of September – World Suicide Prevention Day.

– 21st of September – International Day of Peace. There is an article on about it here.

* Recently Arirang TV focused on women in Liberia. In relation to the International Day of Peace, perhaps you could compare developments in Liberia with those in Korea with regard to the rights and respect given to – or taken by – women. [ Female Indian peacekeepers in Liberia made an impact. How? Why? ]

* You could also write about what you think violence means in a time of ‘peace,’ especially if that violence is directed more at one group of people within society.

* Another alternative is to write about whether you think one group of people in society is encouraged in any formal or structured way to commit acts of violence against another group in society.

* Also, you could describe what you understand by the ‘cycle of violence‘ and then how you see it affecting any part of Korean society (in other words, you could write about an example of a school you have read about, attended, or heard about, or, you could write about a work place you have read about, attended, or heard about, or some other example of a place where you know one person’s violence led to more acts of violence, and therefore a culture of violence being accepted as ‘normal’).

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