Monday, 12th of April

My first two classes did very well in their mid-term exam. I was quite impressed, and, as they had mostly prepared properly and studied hard before the exam, we went quite quickly through the list of names in class. This is good and makes me happy, because it means there will be less students to test during the next class, and then I can go away and do other things.

The second two classes today, however, were NOT so good. Both afternoon classes had clearly, mostly not prepared properly. As a result it somewhat slowed down the pace. The students have, however, no excuse, and so if they did not offer an answer immediately, I feel sad for them, but I do not hesitate any more to merely ask the next question. They are just as capable as any other student of sitting down and studying, learning, and passing the exam.

Speaking of feeling sad about students, I just found another commentary just written about last week’s tragedy.

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