Tuesday, 30th of March

Today was somewhat interesting. Between my first two credit classes this morning a coworker who teaches in the classroom next door came to chat during the break. He mentioned to me how frustrated he felt at having learned yesterday that his students who had taken the whole week off – for MT – had mostly not actually even gone on the MT trip.

In the afternoon I went to the dentist. They fixed a tooth with which I had developed a problem. That was not the interesting thing. The interesting thing for me was realizing how nervous I felt at having to go to the dentist!

Later in the afternoon I read my email, and saw I received an email from Greenpeace. I know that some people do not like Greenpeace, and other people like them too much. I know that they are not a perfect organisation, however, I do admire some of the things that they do well. One of the things I believe that they do well is share important information.

The email I received today talked about one rich family from the USA whose father had established one of the earliest oil companies. The two sons had carried on the company, and, even though they had given away quite a lot of money to many good charities, they had spent much much more on influencing the US and thereby world policy to do with climate change.

This is extremely disappointing, but does, however, make a lot of sense, as there had previously been a lot of nonsense being publicized by many groups who were, it now is apparent, being paid by this rich family. They were being paid to lie about climate change, global warming, and the role that the oil industry obviously plays in the world. Those two brothers need to go to jail.

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