Monday, 29th of March

Oh my gosh – it’s nearly the end of March already!

Wow, time goes quickly sometimes. The old saying is that ‘Time flies,’ but I think it is more accurate to say that time evaporates before our eyes. This is the start of the fifth week in the semester already. It almost feels like time is going so quickly I hardly have time to sit down and think about it.

Today was a good day in class for me. There were less students in the essay class but apparently that is because there was a big test of some sort yesterday, so all those poor students who sat that test will be taking a day off to recover. … Fair enough I suppose.

Credit classes also seemed slow today, especially one class who had been away on MT last week. I asked them how MT was, and they would not answer me. It was extremely strange. I focused on the teaching point and not on the students’ strange behavior but it was quite disconcerting. None of them would even look at me. I do wonder what on Earth is going on!?

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