Sunday, 28th of March

This morning I slept in a bit. I really wanted and needed to sleep in a lot, but my body is used to waking up early, so I did get up before too long and cleaned my apartment a bit, and did some homework on the computer. I made a big plate of delicious porridge for breakfast.

In the early afternoon I went down town to meet friends Jenni and Liz for lunch. We went to the Napalese/ Indian restaurant called ‘First Nepal’. It is delicious! The food was great, as usual. I met Mechel there too, although she only stopped by to say hello and to meet the other two briefly. She left, but soon after that two other friends of Jenni and Liz arrived by coincidence. They sat next to us, and so it was a really nice, sociable occassion to share some food and chat with nice people.

After lunch I went to buy some wine for dinner. Another friend had invited me around for a special dinner of oysters. We listened to music, drank wine, chatted, and opened oysters with small screw-drivers. We ate organic grapes for dessert which another friend brought to share. It was a really nice, relaxing and again sociable way to finish a lovely weekend.

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