Saturday, 28th of March

I met three friends who enjoy cycling this morning. We met near the front gate of the World Cup Stadium and then cycled to Naju. It was a sunny day earlier in the morning, but actually it was not warm, and the wind was quite chill.

We cycled along the disused airport runway outside Naju, and then turned back on a quieter country road which led us back to Pungam Jigu. We went to a dukgalbi restaurant for a late lunch when we arrived back after 1pm. It was a really nice ride. Even Trevor, who works at Dongshin University and so cycles to Naju every day, said he enjoyed the ride. He also lives nearby my apartment near down town, so, we said goodbye to the others and cycled through the city together.

We stopped off on the way when he saw a stall beside the road where a nice woman was selling waffles, hohduhk and mugumwha cakes. He noticed the smell first, and so even though we had just had a great lunch he wanted to stop for dessert. He bought me a hohduhk too. It made for a nicely delicious ending to our long morning of exploring the Jeollanamdo countryside.

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