Thursday, 25th of March

It was another long day today. It has not been a very sunny week but tomorrow is supposed to be better.

This morning when I got up I looked outside my window and saw that it had rained recently. The road was dry already though so I thought I could ride my bicycle to school. I went to eat breakfast and get ready to go, and then later looked out the window again. Oh no – it was raining again! I called my friend and nice-guy co-worker Marcus. He was not far away in his car, and he agreed to stop outside my place, so I got a lift up the hill with him.

I look forward to cycling on Saturday with a few friends and anyone else who wants to join us. We will go to Naju, and look at the old airport runway on the way to the town there. Then on the way back we will go to the Thai restaurant out near past Gwangju airport for lunch. It will be nice to go for a ride with some other people, and even though I love Korean food, it will also be great to eat some different food for a change too.

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