Wednesday, 24th of March

This morning we finally got to read the ‘Julia Roberts’ essay from the Blueprints book pages in the essay class. It is a very good essay, and it is on a topic that most people can usually understand, even if they have not seen the movies themselves. For me, it also marks the feeling that we are over half way through the course. And actually we are at exactly that half-way point.

I think next we will take a break from the classic ‘five paragraph’ essays for a brief while. I think we need to work on both writing speed and also proof-reading and copy editing. Hmm. Tomorrow morning we should start the ‘circle writing’ exercise! We will do the paragraph structure activity on Friday. That will be more fun. Also, in terms of writing itself, I do think it is time for the ‘Norwegian Wood’ descriptive writing exercise. Maybe we will do that next Monday. I think by studying these few extra classes our writing will improve quickly in ways which will help us when we come to doing ‘persuasive essays’ early or mid-next week. And of course it will be nice just to do something a bit different for a while!

Anyway, today was another long day at school so I went almost straight home after my final class today. Just before I left the office, however, I asked a co-worker about a place where he exercises. He told me of another club in Jisan Dong where I can exercise too, so, riding my bicycle quickly down the hill on the way home I stopped off in Jisan Dong… and found that gym just where he said it would be! I went inside and talked to the intructor there immediately and found out the details such as time and cost of membership and everything else. I was very glad to learn of that club. … Maybe I will join up soon…

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