Monday, 22nd of March

This week started in a dissappointing way in that the essay writing class, which I most look forward to, was probably the slowest class of the day.

I had asked students to do a little bit of homework, and again, most had not done it. I am not sure why this class of students generally does not do the homework. Maybe I need to leave more time for them in class to ask questions to clarify the tasks… in other words maybe they do not understand what is involved, and, maybe I do not give them time and ‘permission’ to ask about those tasks. … I will have to make more time in class from now on. They are all certainly very capable writers, and good speakers of English. … Perhaps I mumble too much in my early morning sleepy-head voice… Hmm.

It looks like we are all in for another week of gray-sky days and unimpressive weather. ‘Ho hum.’ (“Nothing exciting to see here. May as well carry on along the road…”) Still, it was nice to be able to cycle to work again this morning. I doubt I will be able to do so throughout this week though as the weather forecast is for generally uninspiring weather.

Credit classes went well. We are really jumping through the pages now. We did ‘five’ pages in one class today! Of course we did not do every exercise on every page, but, it feels good to help the students see that they can make progress of a ‘real’ kind.

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