Sunday, 21st of March

After yesterday’s adventures I was very happy to have a quiet day at home today, just cleaning my apartment and preparing for this week. I washed lots of dishes, ironed my shirts, made my bed and swept my floor. As I was working I listened to some of my favourite music by one of the most famous bands in the world: Led Zeppelin (read a little bit in Korean here). They are known as probably THE best rock band ‘in the world’. They wrote and sang the famous song ‘Stairway to Heaven‘ and many many other fantastic rock songs. I was glad to see and hear some of the members of the group performing with others of my favourite rock musicians recently, including one man named ‘Dave Grohl‘ who has a really good band called ‘The Foo Fighters‘ (a bit in Korean here).

The Foo Fighters are from the USA and Led Zeppelin is from England, but Led Zeppelin was so famous that they influenced many many other musicians around the world. My favourite clip is from a show the Foo Fighters performed in London when the bass player and guitarist from Led Zeppelin played with them. It was really fun, and great to see them all enjoying making such a lot of noise!

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