Saturday, 20th of March

This morning I got up late and made myself a nice big breakfast. I prepared my bag for the day and then headed out the door, collecting my bicycle on the way. We cycled over to Sangchon Dong to meet Mechel and her bicycle. Mechel is from the USA and also likes cycling. We went down the road to opposite the World Cup Stadium together where we met Ross and Trevor who are also from the USA.

We left the store at about 11.45 and cycled to Naju, to the Dongshin University. By the time we got there it was after 1pm! We were all hungry so we stopped at a small (bunshik) restaurant and ate some bibimbap together. It was the first time most of us had met (although I had met the boys before, individually) so it was a great time to really chat together.

One of the things we discussed was the best way to travel back to Gwangju. We decided to avoid the noisy, smelly, dangerous cars on the main road and just go back the way we came. I think we were all happy with that because it was so nice to be on a quiet country road. There were very few cars, but lots of trees, grassy hills and fresh cow-poo smells!

We made it back by three o’clock and said goodbye to Trevor who had to go straight home. The other three of us went to a nice coffee shop nearby and chatted some more. Finally, I made it home just in time to avoid the worst of the hwangsah, the awful yellow dust from the Gobi Dessert. It was a great day – both relaxing and adventurous – and also social. I am looking forward to the next bike trip already.

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