Friday, the 19th of March

I was just starting to wonder why some students weren’t in class yesterday…

Was it my speaking voice?! Was it my singing voice?! Was it my new hairstyle…?!!!

Then I noticed that there were a lot of students missing from the afternoon class I teach on Wednesdays and Fridays. I thought about my singing voice because we sang a song in that class on Wednesday. I was just starting to consider developing a complex about my voice again when I called the roll… and then remembered that I had already marked a number of students off on Wednesday as being away on MT today. So THAT’s where all the students were! (*whew!*)

In between classes today I zoomed down town on my bicycle to find out about the Milk screening. It was not at Primus. The nice young woman at the counter at Primus suggested I try Gwangju Theater, so, I did. I zoomed around the corner on my bike and asked there. They said: “No, sorry! You’re too late! We finished screening Milk already! Only Japanese movie festival films now.” I asked if they knew where the film had actually gone to in Korea next, and the nice boss-type guy there said probably Daejon or Seoul, and suggested I check the ‘Art Theater’ in Daejon.

Hmm… Does anyone out there want to go to Daejon to watch a movie…?

I guess we’ll have to watch Alice in Wonderland tomorrow after all. (*sigh!*) Oh well. It should be more interesting in 3D.

I’d better find something else interesting to do this weekend now. Hmm. Where did I leave my guitar? I think I need some more singing practise…

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