Thursday, 18th of March

Wow, the days are whipping by quickly; the weeks are spinning on so fast it leaves me weak at the knees.

Thursday is quite an intense day as I have three classes in a row first thing in the morning, and then a two-hour break, and then two more hours of classes in different buildings so I have to sprint between classes – or finish the first one early.

To make things more complicated today, I needed to go to the dental hospital in the two-hour break between classes, so, I did. I was riding my bicycle, so immediately following my third class I put on my helmet, glasses and gloves, and zipped down the hill through the chilly late-winter air. I arrived there and was told to wait in the waiting room for a consultation, so, I did… for an hour. It was right on twelve o’clock when they could finally see me. The consultation was not a simple one and so took most of the next hour… so I had no time for lunch!

After seeing the nice dentist-type people I had to jump back on my bicycle and zip straight back up the hill to teach two more classes… and no time for lunch! My stomach had actually been rumbling during my second morning class today! I did not want to eat anything while waiting for the dentist to see me, obviously.

After my last class I went straight to the nearest kimbap chunguk-type bunshik shiktang and ordered some duinjung jigae. It was delicious!

* * * * * * *

This afternoon I was discussing the weekend with a friend who would like to see a movie with some other friends and me. We thought about seeing Alice in Wonderland, and, because I am interested in children’s literature it did seem like a good idea – until I saw on Rotten Tomatoes that it only has a score of 53%.

I decided to check out the ‘esl daily movie listings’ which, although are a day behind schedule, are usually useful for seeing what is available down town in Gwangju and anywhere around Korean.

As I trolled through the pages I found there was one movie showing which I really wanted to see since last year: Milk. The simple one-syllable name ‘Milk‘ is an unusual name for a movie, and also for the man after whom the movie is named.

The movie stars the very famous actor Sean Penn in what is supposed to be one of his best ever performances. The movie gained a total of 94% from Rotten Tomatoes. Hmm… I wonder which is the better bet for a good quality movie to see? I think probably Milk!

Milk the movie is a true story about a remarkable man during a very interesting time in American history. I thought it was also fairly ironic and possibly meaningful that I discovered that this movie is showing only about one hour after also noticing this unusual piece of news has been online with regard to Korea recently.

Whether or not my friends and I go to see ‘Alice’ this weekend, I really hope I can see ‘Milk‘ at the theater as soon as possible. It will achieve one of my stated aims from last year: “Better late than never!”

  1. #1 by Jang Jinsil on March 19, 2010 - 2:09 am

    I want to see the movie, Milk. I think the name of the movie is a charming hook as I am already captivated! ^ㅡ^

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