Sunday, the 14th of March

Today was not so sunny as yesterday, so I spent the morning inside cleaning my apartment and listening to My favourite ‘channel’ there at the moment is the ‘Split Enz’ channel. Spliz Enz is a famous band from New Zealand. They were very popular in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and even more-so in Canada. They were less famous in the USA but they did tour and release albums (CDs) there too.

In the afternoon I finally got back on my bicycle and went for a ride. I was very happy to be cycling again. I went to see if I could find a swimming pool which was open on a Sunday. I ended up cycling past my favourite pool which was the first one I ever discovered in Korea. It used to be closed on Sundays but as I came near to it I saw some people walking in and out of the doors. I got off my bicycle to go inside and explore.

It was open! I had time for a swim! I was very happy to find their new schedule, and to get some good exercise there today too.

After that I went to Emart to have dinner and look at mini-notebook computers, before I went home and ironed my shirts and socks for the week.

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