Friday, 12th of March

This week was another long week, so I felt quite happy to finish my last class this afternoon. I contacted a friend who is a coworker and asked him if he had any plans for the evening. He said his new girlfriend was out of town so he suggested we could meet at a coffee shop down town at 8pm.

We met at the new Tom n Toms coffee shop and got a pretzel each. It was my first time to try them. They were delicious! We had to wait a long time for them, but they were very yummy when they were finally freshly baked and ready to eat.

My friend is still quite new to town, and, he likes to watch movies, so, I showed him to one of my favourite bars down town where customers can both enjoy a drink, and also borrow a DVD to watch. The bar is called Truffault, and so is named after the famous French movie director. I think that director is the bar owner’s favourite director. The bar owner’s name is Cheol Hong. He is a very nice guy.

After one drink there, my friend and I went to another bar next to Sajik Park. That bar is named ‘Miles’ after the great jazz trumpet player named Miles Davis. We only had one drink there too, and we watched a really good jazz band play one ‘set’ or group of music pieces. There were four people in the band: the guitarist, the piano player, an upright bass player, and the drummer. Their music was really fun and exciting, although sometimes it was relaxing and peaceful too. My friend likes movies and music too, so I was very glad to introduce him to these two bars and enjoy them both with him. It was a good end to the week, and a great start to the weekend.

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