Monday, 8th of March

Ohhh! I don’t like Mondays on my new schedule! I have five classes, which is a lot to start with for one day, but much worse than this is that the first class starts at 7.50am, and the last class finishes at nearly 6pm! I have to be at school for more than ten hours of the whole day but I only have to teach 5 hours of that time! … Oh well. I am glad that I do actually like being at university here. The students are nice, and the coworkers are nice, and the campus itself is nice.

Speaking of which: today I noticed that the grass is turning green again, and the buds on the ends of the branches of the trees are getting much bigger again. They are about to burst with life any time in the next week or two I would guess.

Today was warm when it was sunny, but as soon as the sun went down in the afternoon it was very cold again. I left my cap at home today, and so I became very cold in the afternoon with my new skinny-head hair style.

  1. #1 by sophia chae on March 8, 2010 - 12:28 pm

    good diary thank you!

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