Thursday, 4th of March

I enjoyed today’s essay writing class more than yesterdays. I think I talked too much yesterday. The paper I gave out today had a good balance of the two things I want to focus on most in class when doing reading activities: the structure of five paragraph essays, and, practising reading for English usage errors. I think it was useful for most students in the class. I hope they all enjoyed it, and I hope they thought it was useful too.

Even though Monday was a holiday and so this week is shorter than normal, it still feels like it was a longer week than usual just because of the stress of the first couple of days due to scheduling mistakes and not having a reliable photocopier. Anyway, that is all done now, and tomorrow the weekend starts – yay! (Assah!)

I have been enjoying listening to a really good ‘online radio station’… although it is not actually a radio station, but rather programmable online random-play CD player. It is at I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys listening to a good variety of music. My favourite ‘channel’ is named after one of my favourite singers from New Zealand. Her name is Bic Runga. Also, my sister just reminded me of a famous band I’ve not listened to much before: ‘Wilco‘. I’m listening to that channel as I write this. It is a style of music that I think is called ‘alternative country‘. It’s sort of like country music and rock and ‘indie rock’ music mixed together. I like it! Steve Earle is one of my favourite song writers, and he is ‘alt country’ too. Some songs are a bit like ballads, and some are more like pop songs, and some are a bit like rock, but all have a really nice, real human feel. I like this a lot more than simple computer-made electronic dance pop!

That reminds me: I should be practising more guitar. I want to sing more songs with the students in my other classes, and, anyway, it’s fun!

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