Wednesday, 3rd of March

I think I stayed at work too late last night preparing my freshman credit classes. I have eight of them.

Personally, I think the largest sized class we should be expected to teach should have about 20 students at most. At Chosun University, the maximum number we are supposed to have in each class is thirty. I have one class with twenty-nine students, and one with thirty, and the rest have thirty one, except for one which has thirty three students!

I would like my first class to be useful to the students and myself, so I have been trying to copy papers to give to them all, but usually either the printer or the photocopier is not working properly… and sometimes neither of them! It is very frustrating, and it wastes a lot of my time, and means I have to stay much later at work than is healthy.

I think this morning’s class was useful as people got to work on new ideas and brainstorm from the start. I am still interested in reading the sentences that some may have written last night for homework. If students want to use the sentences and paragraphs they started in class today, or, if they want to use the ones they started last night, either is okay with me (or, both are all right).

  1. #1 by JinsilJang on March 3, 2010 - 1:48 pm

    I read the whole writing above. ^^ I took the writing course for my major in 2007, and I got lots of paper from Ms.Silvaniuk. I still have those paper, and it is very useful for me whenever I need to write in English.

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